• 10th January 2020


The Judges

Takashi Segawa

Segawa san is renowned for his skills and talent in all the scale modeling fields, from Figures to Armors to Dioramas and more! As an artisan, he centers in on the essential details and effects with regards to light and shadows.

Tim Harkins

Tim is famously known as GBWC 2016's North America Champion. As a professional modeler, he also pays close attention to micro detailing and refinements on Gunpla, with seamless transitions on kit bashed parts as a highlight.

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Gunpla Rules & Regulations

Gunpla: Open Course Gunpla: Rising Star Gunpla: Clean Build Future Gunpla Master
Entries must be customized
LED lighting is allowed
Metal, plastic and other upgrade parts are allowed
Entries can be free standing on or Bandai or customized Action Bases No customized Action Base, but can be mounted on a normal base as support only. No customized Action Base, but can be mounted on a normal base as support only.
Scratch build entries are allowed
Sculpting parts
The use of decals
Top Coat

Scale Models Rules & Regulations


Armor, Tanks, Artillery and any Military land transport or support vehicles.

Aircrafts and Helicopters

Fighters, Interceptors, Bombers and transports and air support Aircraft.

Cars, Civilian Vehicles and Equipment

Cars, Racers, Trucks and other various industrial equipment models.

Ships and Submarines

Cars, Racers, Trucks and other various industrial equipment models.


All types of figures from Military, Aircraft, Cars, or Ship crew models.

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Anything fictitious or out of the real world elements that are not covered by any of the real world categories including various vehicles, equipment or figures.


Dioramas must portray a scene or story that supports the model. (Open to all types of models from the other categories).
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Terms & Conditions

  1. Otaku ME will thoroughly cover the event by video and photography, and shall reserve the rights to use the videos and images for future Otaku ME related campaigns in publications, media and social media.
  2. The Otaku ME Modelers Cup 2020 is open to all hobby enthusiasts and fans, whether they are participating in the competition or visiting as guests just to gather and meet-up with fellow modelers in the region in the goal of an overall appreciation for the hobby of scale models and Gunpla.
  3. Registrations for the event cannot be proxied or done on behalf of anyone else other than the stated participant or guest.
  4. Entrants aged 13 years and below must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times during the event.
  5. All entries and persons attending the Otaku ME Modelers Cup 2020 must comply with the laws and regulations of the United Arab Emirates including but not limited to being free from derogatory, defamatory, culturally insensitive symbols and messaging.
  6. Although the event is organized by Otaku ME, it is the participants who are responsible for the ingress and egress of the models for display during the time and schedules allotted
  7. In addition, participants and guests are required to be vigilant on looking after their model kit displays and personal belongings during the duration of the event. Otaku ME shall not be held responsible for any losses or damages on-site.


Gunpla Prize Pool

Scale Model Prize Pool



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